This page describes general issues that can arise when using the Scanner Control and proposed solutions to these issues.

Cannot find the device

If the device is not in the list of detected devices:

  1. Make sure that the application is allowed to use your location, and that the device is turned on and close by.
  2. If the device has just been turned on, it may take a minute to find the device.

Not connecting

If the app is not connecting to the device:

  1. Make sure that you selected the correct device. It is possible to select a Wi-Fi network, which is not a scanner, but then you will not be able to connect.
  2. Confirm that the password is correct. The application does will not indicate whether the password is wrong or correct.
  3. Make sure that no other phones are currently connected to the selected device. Only one connection can be established to the reader at a time.

Not scanning

When a connection is established, the app will show if labels can be read. The read count will increase when data is received from the reader.

If no readings are received:

  1. Check if the scanner has been turned off on the device, as it will automatically turn off when not used.
  2. Check whether the LED on the reader indicates that labels have been read.

IMMS App lost connection

The Scanner Control app uses Wi-Fi to establish a connection to the scanner, so if Mobile Data is not turned on, all internet connections will be lost.