Updating orders during picking

When a user has specified a number of orders that must be picked and begins picking items, the mobile client will continuously update the list of orders on the unit. Updating is done to avoid double-picking (orders that are deleted or processed by another person are deleted from the unit) and to optimize picking by including orders that make logistical sense for the current route.

The order list is updated without any interaction on the part of the user, and the updating only includes those orders that match the specified criteria (for example, a limited set of locations or at a particular point in time). In addition, the order list is only updated with orders that rank ahead of the first order in the pick order sequence and have not been processed yet.

The orders are updated every 5 minutes. This strikes a balance between implementing any changes in the orders reasonably quickly and avoiding too much of a load on the network and the IMMS server.

If the user would like to force the mobile client to update orders, then the orders must be specified and pulled up again.