IMMS uses roles to control user rights for the various functions in the web client and mobile units. These roles are predefined in IMMS and each one grants a user access to use a number of the system’s functions and, in some cases, to process a certain amount of the system’s data.

Roles are assigned on the user level and define the user’s access to system functions. Some roles grant access to functionality across all branches, e.g., creating transport units and handling strategies, while other roles are assigned per branch, e.g., handling sub-localities and setting the min/max levels of stock.

A user is assigned the roles needed in order for the user to be able to carry out his/her work. If needed, a user can be assigned roles providing him/her access to multiple branches. Roles can be freely combined, thus there is no hierarchical pairing of the roles.

The allocation of rights and display of other user’s rights depends on the specific user’s own rights. For example, it is not possible for a user to assign rights that the user does not possess him/herself. The examples below shed more light on this.

Example 1: User #1 with few rights would like to see the permissions for user #2 with more rights
User #1 User #2
Role: R1; Branch: F1 Role: R1; Branch: <ALL>
Role: R1; Branch: F2

User #1 has rights for branches F1 and F2, while user #2 has rights for all branches and thus also F1 and F2. When user #1 wants to see the rights for user #2, “Role: System reports; Branch: <ALL> is displayed since <ALL> can be viewed by all users regardless of their individual rights. Since user #2 has access to branches in addition to F1 and F2, user #1 cannot delete rights for user #2. Likewise, it is not possible for user #1 to assign branch F1 to user #2 since user #2 already has F1 since it is included in <ALL>.

Example 2: User #1 assigns user #2 new rights
User #1 User #2
Role: R1; Branch: F1 Role: R1; Branch: F3
Role: R1; Branch: F2

User #1 has rights for branches F1 and F2, while user #2 has rights for branch F3. When user #1 would like to see the rights for user #2, no rights are shown since it is only possible to view equivalent rights or roles for the <ALL> branch. User #1 has the option of assigning branches F1 and F2 to user #2.

Roles which are valid across branches

Role Description
Exhibition groups Creation/editing of exhibition groups and access to the related reports.
Graphical Analyses Accessing the graphical analyses (reports).
Item administration Editing of item width and strategy.
Create manual orders.
Configure automatic life cycle management and pull up the associated reports.
Master data management Edit general system parameters, IMMS statuses, LMS data, strategies, item widths (general average item widths), float codes and float code assignment rules.
Mobile discard Grants permission to use the mobile client to mark items "not found" and to ad hoc discard items.
This role is given in addition to the role "Mobile functionality".
Notifications Grants permissions to send notifications to IMMS. Only the LMS interface system account “ils” has this role. The role should not be assigned to human users.
System reports Pull up reports that are not branch-specific
Transport unit administration Creation/editing of transport units
User administration Creation/editing of system users and access to the security related reports.

Roles that are assigned per branch

Role Description
Branch administration Editing of branch configurations, float codes, locations, item groupings, picking order, placement types, sorting points, branch-specific system parameters and exhibitions
Branch-specific reports Obtain reports for specific branches, e.g., impact assessments
Exhibitions Creation/editing of exhibitions
Mobile functionality Move items during item handling as well as transmit registrations from the mobile client
Reduced mobile functionality Reduced access to the mobile client's functionality