P35 Change password

This page is used to change the password of a user.

MAIN PAGE (P35): Change password

Element Description
Current password field Current password for the specific user
New password field A new password, which must comply with the 4 requirements for complexity described in “Text for verifying a password”, are entered here
New password field (re-enter) Re-enter the new password
“OK” button Changes the password of the specific user if the password complies with the 4 requirements for complexity described in “Text for verifying a password”
“Cancel” button Closes the dialog box without making a change to the password
Text for verifying a password The password entered must meet the following requirements for complexity to be accepted
  • ▶ The password must have at least x characters (x is defined by the “Security password min length” parameter)
  • ▶ The password must contain at least 3 of the following 4 groups: Uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and special characters
  • ▷ The password must not have been used the last x times a password was chosen (x is defined by the “Security password deny reuse count” parameter)
  • ▶ The password must be re-entered correctly
  • ▷ The password must not include the username
The rules marked with a “▶” are constantly checked when the user enters a new password and an icon is shown beside each rule in the dialog boxes. When an “X” is displayed, the security rule has not been complied with. In contrast, a check mark indicates that the rule has been complied with. Items marked with a “▷” first require a response from the server.