Change transport unit at chute

This function enters a transport unit for a chute at a sorting machine or sorting point into the system. The function can be used, for example, to connect a book cart to the “adult” chute at a self-service kiosk. First, a chute is scanned/selected, then the transport unit that will be connected to the chute is scanned.

If a transport unit was already connected, it is automatically disconnected. If the transport unit that is being connected already contains items, a warning appears and it is possible to cancel the process.

Please note: Some sorting points and chutes are not included in the list. Chutes which are connected to other chutes are not displayed on the list since transport units cannot be connected to such chutes. If a sorting point does not have any chutes (or only chutes which are connected to other chutes), the sorting point will not be included in the list.

The following steps must be completed in order to carry out the connection:

Scan a chute or press and hold to select

The screen shows an overview of the branch’s sorting points. Each sorting point can be expanded to show its chutes. You can either scan a chute or press and hold on the line to select it.

Clicking the “Show linked transport units” button displays an overview of the currently linked transport units. For each sorting point, the display shows whether each chute has a transport unit connected (green transport unit icon) or lacks a transport unit (red transport unit icon). For each chute, the color-coded transport unit icon and, if applicable, the name of the linked transport unit are shown. The connection view disappears as soon as you leave the page (e.g., move to the next step or change functions) since the linked transport units may change immediately after they are displayed.

Scan transport unit

The selected chute from the previous screen must now be connected to a transport unit. The specific transport unit must therefore be scanned. Later you are returned to the Scan or select chute screen and a status message is displayed.

If a transport unit is scanned which already is connected to a chute or contains items, a warning is displayed. If “No” is selected, a new transport unit can be scanned.