Introduction to IMMS Scanner Control

This introduction provides an overview of the general functionality in the IMMS Scanner Control application.

The introduction is divided into the following sections:

Note: The application requires mobile data to be enabled in order to function.

First run

The first time the mobile app is started it must be configured to use a device.

First a device is selected, by using the Device selection button. If the selected device is password protected, the password must be entered the field below.

Device selection

The device selection page list all Wi-Fi networks visible to the phone. The list is split into known and unknown devices.

The currently selected device will be shown in the top bar, choosing a device or tapping the top bar will dismiss the selection page and the selected device will be used.

If a device has a lock icon associated with it, this means the Wi-Fi is password protected.

Note: The list will show all Wi-Fi devices available nearby. This means that not only scanners, but also ordinary wireless networks will be shown.

Starting and stopping

When a device has been selected, the connection can be started using the start/stop slider to the right.

Status for the connection is shown below.

When connecting to the device, depending on the version of Android, a dialog as shown below might pop up asking if you will allow it to connect. Confirm that you wish to connect.

When the connection has been established, the app can be minimized by pressing "back".

Scannings made by the device will now be sent to the IMMS mobile client.

Notification bar functionality

When the application is running a notification icon will appear in the upper left corner. The symbol indicates the status for the connection.

By swiping down from the top of the screen the list of notifications is shown. Here status and start/stop of the connection is available.

By pressing the small arrow on the top right of the notification, the notification can be expanded to reveal an "X" which is used to close the app completely.


The settings menu can be used while setting up and before starting the scanner. The menu is disabled while the scanner is running.

In the settings menu connection and destination information and the sensitivity of the scanner can be changed.

The sensitivity scale is from lowest to highest, where lower means closer to the scanner and higher means greater distance.

If "None" is chosen in the sensitivity setting then sensitivity is completely turned off making it possible to get readings that are considered not being within the range of the sensitivity scale.

The connection information for the scanner is used to connect to the scanner, while the destination information is where the scanner readings are sent to. The button will reset the values to scanner factory default.