Departments are transmitted to IMMS from the LMS and are used in IMMS to manage classification of the various items in item groupings at the individual branches.

Since the LMS defines the departments, it is not possible to edit/create them in IMMS. However, it is possible to indicate in IMMS whether or not an individual department is active in IMMS. If a department is inactive, it is hidden in IMMS (e.g. in lists of options in the web client). This is typically used for departments that have been transmitted from the LMS but are not actually in use.

IMMS indicates which department type each department belongs to. When IMMS receives a new department from the LMS, the department initially appears without a department type. Insofar as no department type is indicated for a department, IMMS is unable to manage any items that list the department. Therefore, it is important to list a department type for a department as quickly as possible in IMMS once the department has been transmitted from the LMS. The department type of a department can only be set once - after that, it cannot be changed.

Included in IMMS or not

Each department includes an indication of whether or not the department is included in IMMS. Typically, departments are included in IMMS when transmitted from the LMS, but it is possible to change this manually so that the department is kept outside of IMMS.

Please note: If a Department is not active in IMMS, it cannot be included in IMMS.

If a department is not included in IMMS, it affects the intelligent distribution algorithm’s treatment of items belonging to that department:

If a department is not included in IMMS, it also means that items with a fixed relationship, which are present in the department, are not included in IMMS. Furthermore, this has a bearing on automatic life cycle management and certain reports, among others.

Please note: Modifying whether or not a department is included in IMMS can potentially affect quite a few other items.
For this reason, it is not immediately recalculated whether the items are included in IMMS since this can cause long delays and bog down the system.
Recalculations are run in the time frame defined by the two system parameters “Start time of the time-window for activation of branch configurations" and "End time of the time-window for activation of branch configurations”.