Item groupings

These examples are for illustrative purposes only.

A number of examples of item groupings and their definitions are listed below.

Use of a sub-location with a children’s code

Items with children’s codes are distributed throughout many classification labels. Therefore, it may be an option to use the sub-location as a limit if one or several codes in the sub-location are used as a common designation for them. In the example, a definition is made using <pi> Picture books with an alphabetical range of a-j?. Please note there is no sorting or limit applied to the classification, which results in all of the classification labels being included.
In the example, the definition is made as a Level 2 definition, so any exceptions may be made at Level 3 or higher.
If items are looked up in the item grouping, it can be seen that the items are included from all of the different classifications.

Use of spacing in the classification

A typical example is 99.4 ANDERSEN H. C.
In this case, it is crucial to understand the difference if it is divided along narrow lines. The double spacing originates from the library data base and is used, e.g., to be able to distinguish between double last names and “last name first name”. This challenge just pops up when there is a need to divide the classification along very fine lines and the type of approach used by the library system makes it possible to distinguish between svendsen pedersen, michael and svendsen, peder.
When setting up the configuration in this situation, you need to carefully evaluate what should be included.

This item grouping is defined using 1 space in the classification. This item grouping is defined using 2 spaces in the classification. If the items are searched for in the first item grouping, then NO items are found.
If the items are searched for in the second item grouping, then 99.4 ANDERSEN H. C. F. 1805 is included.
This can be further illustrated by searching using 2 different classification ranges - the first with a space in the starting value: There are only very few items here, primarily double last names. All entries, incl. double last names are included here.