Parameter: Target for the automatic replenishment

Data type:
Numeric (unit: %)
Minimum value:
Maximum value:
Can be empty:
Can be set at the system level:
Can be set at the branch level:


This parameter controls how aggressive the automatic replenishment should be.

The value of this parameter (0-100) determines where in the range between meter-min and meter-max automatic replenishment should fill up to.

If the value is set on 0%, it means “Fill up to meter-min”.
If the value is set on 50%, it means “Fill up to halfway between meter-min and meter-max”.
If the value is set on 100%, it means “Fill up to meter-max”.

Any number from 0-100 can be used.

The value can be set at either the system or the branch level but it can also be defined more specifically for individual item groupings.