Meter min/max

Meter min/max specifies a minimum/maximum value for a stock measured in terms of meters. For each item grouping at a branch, a minimum and maximum stock of items can be defined. The objective of specifying the minimum and maximum is to control how much of the shelves are filled up. The min/max is indicated as a % of the overall capacity of the item grouping’s associated locations. Since these min/max specifications control the preferred stock measured in terms of the overall width of the items, they are called meter-min and meter-max - even though they are configured as a %.


The following applies to the configuration of an item grouping: 0% ≤ meter-min ≤ meter-max ≤ 100%.
Example: Meter-min = 60%, Meter-max = 90%

This means that a stock of between 60 and 90 percent of the overall capacity is desired for an item grouping. The current stock may often actually exceed 100%, e.g., if the capacity has been reduced without any corresponding items being removed. It is possible to specify default values for the meter-min and meter-max for the entire branch. These values are used if no values have been specified for the item grouping.

For locations that are not linked to an item grouping (e.g., exhibition shelves and shelves in a media hotel), the meter-max specified as a default for the branch is used.