Parameter: Prioritize weeding of items with most time on loan

Data type:
Can be empty:
Can be set at the system level:
Can be set at the branch level:


When the automatic life cycle management must weed the stock of a title, one specific copy needs to be selected for the weeding order. This parameter helps control which copy is selected.

This parameter specifies, whether the accumulated time on loan of items is considered, when determining which copy is selected for a weeding order.

If the parameter is set on “Yes”, items with a long accumulated time on loan will be selected before items with a short accumulated time on loan.

If the parameter is set on “No”, time on loan is not considered in this selection.

Please note: This parameter has no effect on the quantity of items that need to be weeded. Only the selection of a specific copy of a given title is affected.

See the description of weeding of the stock for a complete description of how a copy is selected for weeding.