Parameter: Weight used for weighted draw

Data type:
Numeric (unit: -)
Minimum value:
Maximum value:
Can be empty:
Can be set at the system level:
Can be set at the branch level:


This parameter specifies a weighting used for random distribution of items among branches.

The weighting consists of a number that is specified for each individual branch. If no value for this parameter is specified for a branch, then the weighting set at the system level is used.

The value of the parameter has no meaning in and of itself. The weighting is used in connection with weighted draws, so that branches with a higher weighting (larger number) have a higher probability of being assigned a specific item than branches with a lower weighting. If the choice, for example, lies between two branches, where the one has a weighting of 2 and the other a weighting of 3, then the first branch will have a 40% chance of being assigned the item and the other branch will have a 60% chance of being assigned it.

The assignment of an item does not always involve weighted draws.

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