Report: Picking overview

This report provides an overview of the number of items fulfilling holds and replenishment as well as items not found. The number is divided by branch and time period.

Please note: Depending on how IMMS is configured (depending on LMS support of the full API or not) multiple columns incl. "Number of items not found" and colums representing picks from IMMS mobile client can be all zeros in this report.

The report counts the number of items affected by picking. Items picked for holds, rotation orders, replenishment of item groupings, and replenishment of exhibitions are counted separately.

The number of items not found covers all order types (hold, replenishment, auto-discard, item care...). Please note in particular for holds that an individual hold listed as “not found” may cause one or more items to be registered as “not found”.

The report only looks at actions performed via IMMS using the mobile client. Holds performed by the LMS are not included.

The following items are not included: