Report: Turnover trend for an exhibition group

This report shows the trend for the turnover of an exhibition group during a time period. The results include a row for each interval that the period is divided into. The report is based on the items that match the exhibition group.

Shelf loan is when items are checked out, not based on a hold.

The average number of available items is found by counting the individual items, taking into account the part of the period the items were actually available. If an item was only available for half the period, the item counts as a half item.

Number of shelf loans per day per available item is calculated by dividing the number of shelf loans with the average number of available items and subsequently dividing the result by the number of days in the time period.

Items are not included in this report if they are excluded from IMMS or are not lendable.

The data basis of this report is calculated each night. Data is added for the previous day in a nightly job. Data basis is calculated before automatic replenishment of exhibitions.

Note: Calculated data for the report is not recalculated. This means that the report shows results based on how the exhibition groups looked at the time when the data was calculated.