Automatic replenishment of exhibitions

Automatic replenishment of exhibitions ensures that items are retrieved from a media hotel or a lending branch if the stock of an exhibition becomes too low.

The function’s method of operation

The function runs once a day - at night. The function generates exhibition orders for the mobile unit, so that items can be located to be sent to central sorting. From here, they will be assigned to an exhibition.

Each run follows this procedure:

The reorder point for the exhibition is the point to which auto-replenish will attempt to fill up the exhibition. The replenishment begins once the stock is below the reorder point. In other words, the stock does not need to fall below one point and subsequently be filled up to another point. Only the reorder point is needed.

Which items can be selected for replenishment?

A number of conditions must be met in order for an item to be a potential candidate for replenishment: