Report: Titles without page count

This report lists the titles, which have no page count in IMMS.

When title information are transferred from the LMS to IMMS, a page count text is often included. IMMS will attempt to extract the actual page count from this text, in order to be able to calculate the items' width. This requires that the page count text is structured in a certain way. If the page count text has an unknown format, IMMS cannot extract a page count.

The page count text can also be completely omitted in the data from the LMS. This is natural for titles describing items not based on pages of paper (e.g. movies).

This report can be used to find the titles, for which IMMS could not extract a page count, or where there is no page count text received from the LMS.

If the parameter 'Include titles with empty page count text' is 'No', the report will only include titles, for which a page count text was actually received from the LMS – i.e. titles where IMMS could not extract a page count from the page count text.

The column 'Number of items' shows the number of items that belong to the title, and that are home or on loan. If there are none of these items, the title will not be on the list.

Note: The maximal allowed page count in IMMS is 10000 pages.