Report: Turnover for exhibitions for a period

This report gives a summary of the item movements in and out of exhibitions for a period – optionally subdivided into smaller periods.

An exhibition spans one or more locations. The report looks at the items' movements in to and out of these locations.

An exhibition is active in a specific time period, and only in that period are the locations considered used for the exhibition. It is possible that items are residing at the locations when the exhibition starts or ends. If one of the subperiods of the reports crosses the exhibition's start time, the start stock of that subperiod will be 0, as the exhibition was not active at that time. Similarly, if the subperiod crosses the exhibition's end time, the end stock will be 0. The usual correlation between the start stock, the number added, the number removed, and the end stock will only hold for subperiods fully contained in the exhisibition's active period.

Item movements between locations belonging to the same exhibition are not included.

NOTE! Parts of the data behind this report is the result of a nightly calculation. Data for the current day might not be available or can be incomplete.