P34 My details

When a user is logged into the IMMS web client, the user’s information is shown on this page. It is possible to view the following information associated with the user:

In addition, a table is displayed showing the roles assigned to the user, but these roles cannot be edited from this page. (They can however be edited from the “Users page).

MAIN PAGE (P34): My details

Element Description
IMMS username field Unique IMMS username
Name field Name associated with the user
E-mail address field E-mail associated with the user
Language field Language associated with the user
Picklist for selecting a default branch The user’s default branch can be selected from a list of possible branches. If the user is not associated with a specific branch, then the value <None> should be selected.
User roles table Displays a table of roles associated with the selected user. The table contains the following fields
  • Role
  • Branch