What is listed in IMMS about...

On this screen when a label is scanned, what IMMS knows about the scanned unit will be displayed. The following information can be found for the 4 different unit types:



Transport unit


Based on label data, the mobile unit can determine offline which of the aforementioned unit types have been scanned.

Scan a label

On this screen any label can be scanned, and information about the unit will then be displayed.

By clicking on “Show history” and “Show items” respectively, the following dialog boxes are displayed (a transport unit is used as an example)

Note: Maximum the last 15 movements for an item or transport unit are shown.
Note: Using 'long touch' on an element in the list of items, the item-ID will be copied for use in other functions using Android 'Paste'.

Unknown label

If the label is unknown, there is an option to link the label to a unit that is already created in IMMS but without a linked label. Based on the label’s information, it can be determined whether a transport unit, location, or a chute can be linked. The following message is shown:

If “Yes” is selected, you are redirected to Attach new label to...