Move to shelf

This function is used to register items or transport units moved to a specific shelf. First, the items’ “destination” is scanned, then all of the items being moved to this destination are scanned. Both items and transport units can be scanned.

If a transport unit is scanned as moved, you can select whether it is the transport unit and all of its items that should be moved or just the items in the transport unit that should be moved. The following steps must be completed in order to perform the registration:

Scan the location

First, a new location (shelf, holds shelf or exhibition shelf) that a transport unit, item, or location will be moved to is scanned.

Scan the transport unit or item

Once a new location has been scanned in the last screen, either a transport unit or an item that will be moved to the new location (shelf, holds shelf or exhibition shelf) is scanned. The number of items from the last scan is displayed at the bottom, but only if the setting “Verification of move scan” has been enabled.

If a transport unit is scanned, the following screen, where the user can select whether the transport unit should be moved along with the items to the location, is displayed.