Put in transport unit

Items, shelves, or transport units that are relocated to another transport unit are registered using this function. First, the transport unit that will contain the items or transport unit is scanned, then the things placed in it are scanned. The following steps must be completed in order to perform the registration:

Scan transport unit

First, a new transport unit in which the items or transport unit can be placed is scanned.

Scan the item, transport unit, or location

Once the new transport unit has been registered, the item, transport unit, or location that will be placed in it is scanned. After scanning, all of the items from the transport unit or location will be registered as belonging to the new transport unit. The number of items from the last scan is displayed at the bottom, but only if the setting “Verification of move scan” has been enabled.

If a transport unit is scanned and the setting for allowing transport units to be moved into transport units is on, then you need to select whether the transport unit itself should be included in the move or if only the contents should be put into the new transport unit.

If the setting is off, then the content will be moved to the transport unit without a dialog.

If the transport unit which was scanned on the first screen is scanned again, the following error message is displayed.