This page describes general issues that can arise when using the mobile client and proposed solutions to these issues.

Reinstalling the mobile client

If errors occur in the app (the IMMS app) that is installed on a specific unit, in rare cases, it may be necessary to reinstall the app instead of just updating it. First, the app is completely uninstalled, after which, it can be installed again. Uninstallation and installation of the app are described below.

Uninstalling the mobile client

The IMMS app can be uninstalled using the following steps:

  1. Make sure that you have signed out of the IMMS app and closed out of it (the small arrow in the top left corner is no longer showing. If needed, refer to Sign out and shut down). This ensures that the mobile client has the opportunity to deliver any registrations still in memory on the mobile unit.
  2. Open the mobile unit’s app list.
  3. Find the IMMS app - (you may need to scroll to the page).
  4. Drag the icon up to the trash can (uninstall) at the top left of the screen - (press the icon for a few seconds in order to be able to drag it).
  5. Press OK in response to “Would you like to uninstall this app?”.

Installing the mobile client

The IMMS app can be installed using the following steps:

  1. Open the phone’s web browser (for example, Chrome) and go to the municipality’s IMMS website (for example,
  2. Download the app by clicking on the “Mobile client (downloader app)” link. If applicable, approve the browser downloading “ImsAndroid.apk”.
  3. Drag the phone’s upper progress bar down and click on the box with “ImsAndroid.apk, The download has completed”. “ImsAndroid.apk” may include a number (for example, “ImsAndroid-2.apk”).
  4. Click on “Install” at the bottom of the page that appears (“Would you like to install this application?”).
  5. The mobile client installs and can be started by clicking on “Open” at the bottom of the page following installation.

Mobile client crash

If the mobile client fails and it results in a crash, the details are automatically collected in an error report. This is sent to the IMMS server the next time a user signs in to the mobile unit. The error report includes a “Support ID”, which is also displayed on the mobile unit following a crash. This can be used when contacting IMMS support. The Support ID refers to the specific crash and not to a specific type of error.

It is also possible to display the technical details of the error report on the screen. This makes it possible to take a screenshot of the error report if needed for any error messages.

No connection to the server

If it is not possible to establish a connection to the server, it may be because there is no connection to the wireless network. Make sure that a Wi-Fi icon is showing in the top right corner of the mobile unit. If needed, take a look at the wireless network settings to see if the wireless network has been disabled or the signal strength is inadequate.