Media hotels

One or more branches can be selected as a media hotel. This means that the branch needs to receive items that there is no room for at the ordinary branches. For a title, it may also be indicated that the items must always be stored in a media hotel when not on loan.

At a branch that is used as a media hotel item groupings are typically not used, and the branch therefore does not have any basic “need” for items.

A branch is selected as a media hotel via the “Branch is a media hotel” parameter.

The following parameters are relevant for a media hotel:

Prioritizing media hotels

In an IMMS installation, an arbitrarily large number of media hotels can exist and be used. These are also viewed and treated like branches. The media hotels must have a simple order of priority that is used whenever the algorithm needs to locate a media hotel for an item that will not be sent to a lending branch. This order of priority is indicated for the branches via the “Priority of media hotel” parameter.

Preferred media hotel

A “preferred media hotel” can be listed for each individual lending branch. If the item has a fixed relationship to a branch and the branch lists a preferred media hotel via the “Prefered media hotel for fixed items” parameter, then the item is assigned to that media hotel if space is available. If space is not available, then the general order of priority will be used.