Parameter: Time limit for auto. action when an item is placed on a not directly used location (days)

Data type:
Numeric (number of days)
Can be empty:
Can be set at the system level:
Can be set at the branch level:


The parameter controls whether automatic error correction is carried out on items placed on a location with usage type "<Not directly used>".

Error correction is performed by shelving items on the branch they are currently on.

If the parameter is not set no error correction is run.

If the parameter is set the value indicates how long the system will wait before performing error correction on items.

This is calculated in whole days, measured from the time the item was registered to the location until the time when the job handling the error correction is run (typically runs at night). If the parameter is set on 0, all of the relevant items are error corrected during the next run. If the parameter is set on 1, items that have been inactive for at least 1 day, etc., are error corrected.

If the item is registered in the system again before the time limit expires, the item is not error corrected.

Note: If the parameter is set on system level it is important to turn off the function on the branches where it does not make sense to shelve items e.g. the central sorting branch.