Report: Title statistics

With this report you can query the title statistics.

The same criteria can be used that are applied to the life cycle rules.

The report output consists of a large number of columns, basically containing title/item information, numbers on the current stock and a summary of the items' history. The value "Item days" gives a number for how many days the title's copies have been in stock – copies can be added and removed during the period. There are also numbers for how many % of the time the copies have been placed in the various placement types.

Because a significant part of the title statistics is about the items' lending behavior, most numbers only include the lendable items. Regarding counts of loans and calculation of fraction of checkouts after hold, only the reservable items are counted.

Note: In the title statistics, an item counts as on loan from the point where it is taken for a hold. In this period the item is not available for other patrons.


All parameters are optional.