The term hold covers an order received from the LMS, where an item is requested to be picked. However, a hold can also be received from the LMS as taken, where an item already fulfills the hold.

The following information is received from the LMS:

If the hold is active and an item has not already been allocated to the hold, IMMS must ensure that this occurs. The LMS has specified a list of item IDs that are “legal” to fulfill the hold, and based on this list, IMMS calculates a hold order so that the hold can be displayed on a pick list. Read more about this in “Calculation of pick orders based on holds”.

If the hold has a closed lending branch, which does not allow picking for closed branches, IMMS will postpone the calculation of a pick order until the lending branch is open.

If an item already fulfills the hold, IMMS uses the hold to ensure that the item is sent to the lender’s pickup branch.

If a hold is marked for “Special handling”, the item set aside must be kept separate from the other items fulfilling the hold and be scanned into the LMS after picking/receipt at the pickup branch. (See “Item transit and sorting”). However, this can be disabled in IMMS using the “Items for holds marked "Special handling" are kept separate” parameter.