Chaotic storage

Not all locations need to belong to a item grouping. For example, a shelf used for exhibition will not be associated with any item grouping. Likewise, item groupings would not be used in a media hotel, but all items must in principle be able to be located anywhere. This type of “lack of systematic organization” is often referred to as chaotic storage.

A location that is not linked to an item grouping may be used freely, but the item must be explicitly registered at the location in order for IMMS to know where it is located.

Each location’s usage type indicates what the location is to be used for. Compared to chaotic storage, there are more options: whether it is for exhibition, storage/warehousing or holds shelves. Holds shelves have a special function in relation to the interface with the LMS. The distinction between exhibition and storage results in different placement types, which are used and prioritized when pick orders are calculated based on holds.