Taken holds

A taken hold is a hold, which in the LMS has been assigned a specific item (an identified copy), which now is underway to the patron. The term is also used the other way around, that the item is said to be taken for the hold.

If a hold is not taken, it is said to be non-taken and awaits a suitable item.

An item can only be taken for one hold at a time, and a hold can only have one item taken at a time. Usually, once a hold has become taken, it remains taken until the hold is deleted.

An item can become taken for a hold by the LMS – typically when the item is returned or sorted, and it satisfies a non-taken hold. If more than one hold fits the item, the LMS decides which hold the item should become taken for.

The item can also be taken by IMMS during picking of a hold order.

Note: The ability for IMMS to register items taken for holds during picking depends on the features of the integration to the specific LMS.

When an item in IMMS is registered as taken, it is "blocked" for consideration for other orders, including hold orders, replenishment orders, weeding orders. It is, however, still eligible for error correction order, if the item is located at a placement unsuitable for a taken item.

IMMS is not responsible for assignment of taken items, as it is assumed that the LMS will take care of directing the item to a holds shelf on the hold's pickup branch.