Parameter: Minimum share of the items with the same value in order to use the value in title statistics

Data type:
Numeric (unit: %)
Minimum value:
Maximum value:
Can be empty:
Can be set at the system level:
Can be set at the branch level:


This parameter controls which percentage of a title’s copies must have the same value for a specific piece of item properties (float code, fixed branch, department type, location, sub-location, item collection) for this value to be used in the title statistics.

If there are not enough copies with the same value for the piece of item properties, then the title will not receive any value for that piece of information in the title statistics. Read more about the calculations in the description of automatic life cycle management.

The lowest value that can be set for this parameter is 51%. This insures that the title statistics will always contain a unique value - or no value - for the item properties for a given title.