Report: Production report

This report provides an overview of the branches’ productivity during a specific period - typically a workday.

Please note: Depending on how IMMS is configured (depending on LMS support of the full API or not) multiple columns incl. "Number of items not found" and colums representing picks from IMMS mobile client can be all zeros in this report.

The report first summarizes the number of items affected by picking. Items picked for holds and replenishment, respectively, are counted separately. This corresponds to the figures that the “Picking overview” can supply.

In addition, the report provides figures for the number of holds that were ready for picking at the branches as well as how many of these holds actually were picked. This can provide a picture of how effective the individual branches were at processing their holds. The main idea is that you should at least be able to process those holds that were ready at the beginning of the period.

With respect to the number of items affected, the following should be noted:

With respect to the number of holds, the following should be noted: