Report: Misplaced items fulfilling a hold, where an attempt has been made to pick them

This report provides a list of misplaced items fulfilling a hold that were not found during picking.

The report is based on the same rules used for automatic error correction orders for items fulfilling a hold.

Since items fulfilling a hold cannot be discarded (reported missing) in IMMS and must be dealt with in the LMS, the items are not discarded in IMMS when a user reports the item as “not found” in the mobile client. This report can be used to locate the items when this has occurred.

The report uses the same system parameters that control the creation of error correction orders for the items fulfilling a hold:

These parameters must therefore be filled out in order for items in such error situations to be included in the report. The configured time limits are not critical to the report.

The following must apply in order for items to be included in the report: