P42 Float code assignment rules

This page allows configuration of rules for automatically assigning float codes to items.

This page is part of the float code administration together with the Float Codes page.

Please note: Depending on whether IMMS or the LMS manage the float codes, you will have access to either this page and Float Codes under IMMS Master Data - or the Float Codes page under LMS Master Data.

MAIN PAGE (P42): Float code assignment rules

The rules for automatically assigning float codes to items are based on the LMS master data (fixed branch, department type, department, location, sub-location, item collection, item type, classification and acquisition date.

Because the rules may overlap each other, their order is important and it is possible to rearrange the configured rules. The rules are prioritized based on their position (the rule with the lowest position that match the item is used). E.g. two rules may have the following classification ranges '1-8' and '4-9'. An item with the classification value 5 will match both rules, and the float code will be determined by the rule with the lowest position number.

Element Description
Search field Only rules matching the search criteria entered are displayed in the table
Float code assignment rules table The following information is shown in the table
  • Position
  • Fixed branch
  • Department type
  • Department
  • Location
  • Sub-location
  • Item collection
  • Item type
  • Classification Range
  • Age in days
  • Float code

User with editing permissions
“Edit” button Displays a dialog box, showing detailed information about the selected float code (dialog box explanation)
“New” button Opens an empty dialog box to allow you to create a new float code specification (dialog box explanation)
“Delete” button Removes the selected float code assignment configuration from the table
User without editing permissions
“Show” button Displays a dialog box, showing detailed information about the selected float code, but the information cannot be edited (dialog box explanation)
User with permission to pull system reports
“Calculate” button Opens a new report showing the result/effect of the configured assignment rules

DIALOG BOX (P42.1): Float code assignment rule details

Element Description
Position field This number indicates the rule’s position in the list. This corresponds to the rule’s priority - a lower number = a higher priority.
Please note: The field is generally filled in with the number of the row that was checked on the list when the “Create” button was clicked. The value can be changed as needed. Existing rules will be moved in the order of priority if necessary.
This is a mandatory field.
Picklist of branches A branch is selected here. This is the fixed branch of the item as specified by the LMS.
Picklist of department types A department type is selected here. You can either select “Children” or “Adult”.
Picklist of departments A department is selected here.
Picklist of locations Specifies the location for the configuration entry.
Picklist of sub-locations Specifies the sub-location for the configuration entry.
Picklist of item collections Specifies the item collection for the configuration entry.
Picklist with item types Specifies the item type for the configuration entry.
Classification range Specifies a classification range and is entered as a text range.
Age in days Specifies a lower and/or upper limit for how “old” an item's acquisition date needs to be in order for the rule to match the title.
Picklist with float codes Specifies the float code for the configuration entry. This is a mandatory field.

Hint: Select the code -- Fixed relationsship --, if you need to create exceptions: E.g. exclude board games from more generic assignment rules.

Note: Calculation of float codes can be "short-circuited" by adding a rule with top priority, that matches all items and choose "Fixed relationsship". In this case all items will have a fixed relationship.