P41 Float codes

On this page you can create and edit details of float codes.

This page is part of the float code administration along with the IMMS Float Code Assignment Rules page.

Please note: Depending on whether IMMS or the LMS manage the float codes, you will have access to either this page and Float Code Assignment Rules under IMMS Master Data - or the Float Codes page under LMS Master Data.

MAIN PAGE (P41): Float codes in IMMS

The page consists of the following elements.
Element Description
Search field Only float codes matching the search criteria entered are displayed in the table
“Include inactive float codes” checkbox Inactive float codes can either be displayed or hidden
Float codes table The following information is shown in the table
  • Code
  • Name
  • Description
  • Uses change of department
  • Department type (float codes without a department type are displayed as <Both>)
  • Active (yes/no)
The table can be sorted by the contents of all columns. Sorting is enabled by clicking on the specific column name you would like to sort by.

User with editing permissions
“Edit” button Displays a dialog box, showing detailed information about the selected float code (dialog box explanation)
“New” button Create a new float code and displays a dialog box with blank details ready to be entered (dialog box explanation)
“Delete” button Deletes the selected float code if possible
User without editing permissions
“Show” button Displays a dialog box, showing detailed information about the selected float code, but the information cannot be edited (dialog box explanation)

DIALOG BOX (P41.1): Edit float code

Element Description
Code field Unique code to identify the float code
Name field Name of the selected float code
Description field Text to describe the selected float code
Picklist of types A department type is selected for the float code here. Either “Children” or “Adult” can be selected, which is primarily used to match the items with the definitions of width in relation to calculating an item’s width.

Please note: If the department type is changed, then the branch configuration’s float relationships should be checked at the same time.
“Uses change of department” checkbox Indicates whether the float code uses change of department (relevant on the Float relationships and Edit float membership screens)
“Active” checkbox Indicates whether the float code is active