Maintenance tasks

Ongoing maintenance and follow-up using IMMS during normal operations

Like other IT systems, maintenance should be performed on IMMS and an operational group that takes care of this maintenance and follows up on operations and workflows is both necessary and helpful. Maintaining and following up on approved workflows will make IMMS more efficient and minimize the amount of effort required for operational support and follow-up during everyday use.

The exact type of follow-up will in all cases depend on local conditions and defined workflows.

Immediately after IMMS workflows are started up using the mobile client, the following are the most important control points that can detect user errors stemming from uncertainty about workflows:

  1. Make sure that transport units are connected to the sorting points from P26.2
  2. Keep an eye on the “Trend in the number of pending holds” report
  3. Keep an eye on the “Items on a holds shelf that are not fulfilling a hold” report
  4. Keep an eye on holds that do not change status to fulfilled - either from P03 or the Library Management System

During normal operations the following checklist can be evaluated and customized retroactively:

  1. Clean-up from P01 at the sorting points’ chute locations
  2. Keep an eye on the “Production report” and focus on whether the holds have been processed
  3. Keep an eye on the error finding reports, which focus on different things and can reveal various issues that may emerge
  4. Keep an eye on the “Use of strategies” report to ensure that the life cycle rules assign the correct strategies expected
  5. Keep an eye on the “Titles that need replenishment” report if life cycle rules have been created for replenishment
The aforementioned list is not exhaustive. Evaluate what makes the most sense based on local conditions and needs, and adapt the list as needed.