Startup of Intelligent Material Management System™ - data and configuration

This text describes a suggestion for the required steps, strictly from the standpoint of data and configuration, during implementation of IMMS. The contents have been produced in cooperation with libraries and municipalities running IMMS:

1 Initial data

The prerequisite for startup is the master data from the Library Management System. These data, referred to as the initial data, consists of the LMS master data in the IMMS web client (optional float codes, branches, departments, locations, sub-locations, item collections, item types, discard codes) and in addition to those master data all titles, items and holds are transferred.

2 Configuration of IMMS from the web client

This section provides a description of the suggested sequence for system configuration in the IMMS web client during implementation.

2.1 System level configuration to be entered centrally

The steps below require the role Master data administration. All master data from the LMS is created with the status of active.
After this task, the calculation and allocation of the titles’ initial strategies can be handled. This can be done based on the suggested initial rules which is the recommended approach.
As an alternative it can be a special one-time run by Lyngsoe Systems based on rules supplied by the customer. This will automatically create the necessary strategies with their associated strategy consequences.
The steps below require the roles of Master data management and User administration. The steps below require the role of Branch administration <all>.

2.2 Branch level configuration entered centralized or decentralized

The steps below require the role of Branch administration <your branch>.

Please note: The activation of the configuration can put a high load on the system. It is therefore advisable that significant configuration changes affecting thousands of items are applied outside of peak hours. The system is capable of ensuring that, controlled by the parameter "Use delayed activation of branch configurations".

2.3 Additional system configuration tasks

The step below require the role of Transport unit administration

The steps below require the role of Master data administration
Some work must be spent on life cycle rules, if the module automatic life cycle management is to be utilized.
In the same way preparations must be made if exhibitions are to be utilized.